Strategic Documents

screenshot of one-page declaration

2022 IFHOH* World Congress in Budapest,  Budapest Declaration (1 page, pdf) regarding telecoils and Auracast:

“As a new technology, Auracast will take time to become stable, reliable, and easy enough to use for potential users. Therefore, it is important to have both telecoil and Auracast technologies in hearing aids and cochlear implants

*IFHOH: International Federation of Hard of Hearing People

2016 Hearing Health Care for Adults: Priorities for Improving Access and Affordability. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM). (Summary 4 pages, pdf)

Recommendation #12 regarding the need to promote individual, employer, private sector, and community-based actions to support and manage hearing health and effective communication.

“Community-based organizations, advocacy organizations, employers, private sector businesses, and government agencies (local, state, federal) should promote work and community environments that are conducive to effective communication and that support individuals with hearing loss. Specifically, they should:

  • Ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other related laws supporting people with disabilities and strive to exceed their minimum requirements;
  • Research and incorporate features into buildings and public spaces that improve hearing and communication (e.g., universal design, hearing assistive technologies).