Types and Diagrams

There are a variety of hearing loop options, both hardware and design configurations.

Phased array hearing loop illustration
Photo credit: IHLMA
Photo credit: IHLMA

Phased array, used for large rooms. Well-designed phased array hearing loops give good, quality sound, no matter where a person sits.

Perimeter hearing loop, commonly used in small meeting rooms. Please consult with a qualified installer who can evaluate whether a perimeter hearing loop in the room will meet IEC standards. A person should be able to sit anywhere.

Counter hearing loop with staff member speaking into microphone. On the other side of the counter, with a plexiglass barrier, are two users: one with a cochlear implant (younger person) and one with a hearing aid (older person)
conference room table with portable counter loop, external microphone, and headphones. Approximately 10 people can sit around the table

Counter Hearing Loop

Portable counter hearing loop with omni microphone and headphones

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