hearingloop.org is a non-commercial, informational website created by Hope College psychology professor and author David G. Myers. David is a person with hearing loss, the son of a mother who became completely deaf, and the author of a memoir of his experiences with hearing loss and hearing technologies (A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss, Yale University Press, 2000). From 2013 to 2017 he represented Americans with hearing loss on the advisory council of NIH’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Read his articles on hearing loops and his experiences and approach of Getting Hard of Hearing People “in the Loop”

David has no financial interest in any hearing assistance company and is a well-wisher to all companies that enable hearing aid-compatible assistive listening.

He is married to Carol, the creator and host of an informational website devoted to the real Santa Claus, St. Nicholas (aka Saint Nicholas).

In 2024, Wynne, who also has hearing loss and no financial interest in any company, began managing the website.