Funeral Homes, Memorial Services

We attend funerals or memorials services to remember and honor the deceased, and to connect with family and friends.  Listening to (and being able to hear) the life stories is a key to feeling that connection, ultimately helping us adjust to the loss of a friend or family member.  Missing those stories, because of the inability to hear, deepens the loss and can leave us feeling frustrated and incomplete.  Having reliable assistive listening tools so we can get the full experience brings us all closer in grief.

Possible Assistive Listening System Locations

These systems should be available during a variety of settings, to provide accommodations for individuals with hearing loss.

  • Rooms (funeral homes, mortuaries, chapels, sanctuaries, gardens, places of worship): hearing loop, FM system, infrared system
  • Small conference rooms or individual counseling: portable hearing loop or portable FM system
  • Graveside: portable hearing loop or portable FM System

Hearing loops are preferred by users.