Advocacy Toolkit

How to Successfully Advocate for Hearing Loops (HLAA). This comprehensive guide provides an easy-to-follow roadmap for creating looped communities. Sections include Being Strategic, A-Z Advocacy, an Advocacy Cheat Sheet and FAQ, inspiring success stories, and much more. (50 pages, pdf)

Get in the Hearing Loop Toolkit Handbook (HLAA). Like a resource library, this document provides access to GITHL tools, resources, and knowledge that advocates can use to educate decision-makers about hearing loss, communication access, and the benefits of hearing loops. Links to view and download each tool are included.

What It Takes To Loop Your Community. Ginevra Ralph reveals the methodology the Shedd Institute in Eugene, Oregon, uses in advocating for hearing loops in their community. She reviews a list of replicable tasks their looping committee feels are required for sustainable hearing loop advocacy. 2024 HLAA Diablo Valley Chapter (YouTube video, 1+ hour)