ADA Complaints

Celebrate. Learn. ADA34 Americans with Disabilities Act

Malfunctioning Equipment

Usually working locally is quicker for resolving problems. Below are some options for consideration. You are the best person to determine what might be best for your situation.

Hearing instruments

  • If your telecoil in your hearing aid or cochlear implant is not working, it is likely you will get it resolved with your audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. However, if you cannot, your State can help with consumer protection issues. Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are licensed by the state.

Assistive Listening Systems

  • If the Assistive Listening System or device is not fully working, some options:
    • Troubleshoot. Educate and work with the venue/organization/institution. Try to use written communication, either as initial inquiries or as follow-up. Sometimes you may need to contact someone in a supervisory position. Contact us if you need assistance for FM, infrared (IR), or hearing loops. See hearing loop troubleshooting and FM/IR troubleshooting. (webpages, this website)
    • Write a Google review.
    • File a complaint with the ADA coordinator at the business, venue, or institution. Contact information for ADA coordinators can be found on business, venue, or institution’s website.
    • File a discrimination complaint with your state’s Civil Rights Division. Contact information for each state (webpage). Hearing Well is a Civil Right
    • File a discrimination complaint with the Department of Justice (webpage)