Personal Stories

My experience with the hearing loop was magical. I couldn’t believe the clarity and the ease for which I could focus on what was being said. In addition to being visually impaired, I am experiencing hearing loss as well as the inability to focus on what’s being said due to a concussion. I couldn’t believe how clear everything was. I was able to focus on the conversation and understand what was being said.

I used to clap when others clapped. I used to laugh when others laughed though I usually didn’t hear what it was about.

Now I hear every word in church. I absolutely love the hearing loop.

Ellie, a 9-year-old, having her first experience of a home TV room loop

Evelyn explains her hearing loop “Aha! Moment”

I had an aunt with severe hearing loss in New York City. She used to only go to a few plays, concerts because she would have to sit in the first row of the theater to hear anything. A number of theaters installed the infrared system. I took my Aunt to a play and we sat in the last balcony (only price I could afford). It made me cry to see her face absolutely radiate with delight as she could hear every single word spoken on stage. It was awesome. [comment in Dr. Sterken’s TEDx talk]

Multiple stories. Testimonial collection (8 pages, pdf)

And Chris (Green Bay) explains her hearing loop “Aha! Moment”-