Sign on window "Assistive Listening Available" at city council room
FM System available at city council chambers
Service counter with blue hearing loop sign on counter
Hearing Loop available at service counter

Living in a community requires us to interact with various government agencies and city services at different stages of our lives. Whether it’s obtaining a building permit, paying property taxes, getting a new driver’s license, attending a public hearing, visiting the public library or attending a presentation at a local community center, being able to hear well affects our experience and can determine the outcome of our interactions in these environments. Counter hearing loops at information and service desks and installed loops in meeting halls should be assumed infrastructure in a community that truly wants to serve all of its residents. 

Possible Assistive Listening System Locations

Infrared systems, FM/RF systems, and hearing loops can be found:

  • City Council meetings rooms
  • Community meeting rooms
  • County/Parish commissioner meeting rooms
  • Information Desks
  • Libraries
  • Service counters: building inspection, county clerk, driver’s license, voter registration, motor vehicles, etc.