State Legislation

Minnesota Statutes 16C.054.
No commissioner or agency head may approve a contract or grant state funds for a capital improvement project to construct or renovate a public gathering space in a building unless:
(1) the project includes equipping the public gathering space, if the public gathering space has or will have a permanent audio-amplification system, with audio-induction loops to provide an electromagnetic signal for hearing aids and cochlear implants; and
(2) the project includes meeting the American National Standards Institute Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools on maximum background noise level and reverberation times in the public gathering space.”

“The New York City Council passed Local Law 51 of 2017 requiring the installation of an induction loop assistive listening system or successor technology in at least one of any planned assembly areas for new construction or rehabilitation projects with City financing and an estimated construction cost of $950,000 or above.”