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What: A free online library with 1900+ articles, legislation, papers, presentations, research, tools, videos, trainings for hearing instrument specialists and audiologists, etc.

Why: One comprehensive resource for hearing loops, other assistive listening systems, and telecoils. Makes information easily available. Simplify searches.

Who is this for: Hearing loop advocates, installers, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists (labeled HHP-Hearing Healthcare Practitioners), students, researchers, journalists, venues, installers, city planners, business owners, and whomever is interested.

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Thumbnail of Kaufmann article
by Thomas Kaufmann, Hearing Review, March 2024
Dr. Darrow-Preventing Decline
30 seconds. Dr. Keith Darrow, Preventing Decline, March 2024

Hearing Loss Is Taxing Your Brain Into Decline!

Dr. Darrow-Preventing Decline
28 minutes. Video. Dr. Keith Darrow, Preventing Decline, March 2024

Preventing Decline by Staying in the Loop: Juliëtte Sterkens

17 minutes, March 2024

What you don't know about hearing aids | Juliëtte Sterkens

by Burwinkel et al., Hearing Review, February 2024

Hearing Loops and Induction Coils: Improving SNR in Public Spaces

by Frazier et al., Committee for Communication Access in America, January 2024

Consumer use of and preferences for assistive communication technology in public places

Loop UVA The installation of Hearing Loop should be your first consideration when choosing an assistive listening system (ALS).

Zotero Online library with 1900+ resources

Graphic of ear and contemporary sound waves
by Cathie Gandel, AARP, March 2, 2023

"Hearing Loops and Telecoils Bring Crystal Clear Sound to Public Places: For those with hearing aids, this technology can cut the clatter"

The Hearing Review logo
by Douglas L. Beck, February 18, 2019

Telecoils and Hearing Loops: An Interview with Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD

David Myers’ Articles: Advocating for Hearing Aid Compatible Assistive Listening

thumbnail-Getting People With Hearing Loss in the Loop
by David G. Myers, Perspectives on Psychological Science, 2019

Getting People With Hearing Loss in the Loop

thumbnail-Kaufmann Kaufmann et al-Hearing Loops-the Preferred Assistive Listening Technology
Kaufmann et al, J. Audio Eng. Soc., Vol. 63, No. 4, 2015 April

"Hearing Loops-the Preferred Assistive Listening Technology"