Assistive Listening Devices

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Assistive Listening Devices (ALD). Non–hearing aid devices assist people with hearing loss, with or without a hearing aid or cochlear implant, to improve communication and the performance of activities in specific environments. They bring the speaker’s voice directly to the ear, which helps to overcome the problems of distant and surrounding noise. They also translate sound into visual or tactile signals.

ALDs include devices such as home TV amplification, personal hearing amplifiers, personal FM systems, alerting devices (smoke detectors, doorbell alerts, etc), and closed captioning equipment. Also assistive listening devices include the devices borrowed by users for assistive listening systems (receivers, headphones, and neckloops)

An individual may purchase the ALD or the site may provide them for Effective Communication under ADA.

One photo shows a table displaying a variety of assistive listening devices, including amplification, fire alarms, doorbell notifications, and more. The second photo shows a personal hearing amplifier made by Comfort Audio Duett, which has earbuds and headphones.

A table displaying a variety of assistive listening devices including amplification, fire alarm, doorbell notification, etc.
Photo of a Comfort Audio Duett with earbuds and headphones
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