Direct Hearing Instrument Connection

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A hearing loop is the only assistive listening system that provides direct connectivity for users. The connection is made with a telecoil installed in hearing aids or cochlear implants. This is why users prefer hearing loops – no intermediary equipment to borrow, troubleshoot, correctly connect, and return.

All other assistive listening systems require an intermediary device:

  • FM and infrared assistive listening systems require borrowing receivers and neckloops from the site. Or if a person doesn’t wear hearing instruments, or do not have telecoils in their hearing instruments, they would borrow a receiver and headphones.
  • Audio Over Wi-Fi and Auracast as an Assistive Listening System (infancy design stage with full ecosystem expected in 5-10 years) currently requires intermediary devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, or hearing aid remotes. Intermediary devices add complexity for individuals with limited dexterity, limited cognitive abilities, or who may not be technologically savvy. In addition, the connection between the smartphone and the hearing instruments uses Bluetooth, which adds latency.
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