Holland-Zeeland Loop Initiative-Sample Invitation Letter

Please feel free to adapt the following sample invitation letter for your needs:

Dear [Individual]:

Would [organization] welcome a chance to better serve your hard of hearing [worshipers, students, members, constituents, customers, etc.] who may visit your facilities? If I’m right to guess yes, then I’d like to tell you, from my experience as a hard of hearing person, about a wonderful innovation that I have experienced during my sojourns in Britain.

Some churches, theaters, and schools have purchased portable hearing assistance devices that, alas, often sit unused. Happily, I’ve discovered, there is now a less clunky, less embarrassing, and more effective alternative—one that turns one’s hearing aids into miniature loudspeakers! Better yet, the sound is broadcast from inside one’s ear and customized by one’s own hearing aids, without need for picking up and wearing a headset.

This is accomplished via an “induction loop system”—a thin wire that runs from a special amplifier around the audience. Virtually every Scandinavian and British church now has a loop system in place. Moreover, the UK has decreed that by the end of 2004 “Any business or organisation providing a product or service to the general public must have an Induction Loop System fitted wherever information is verbally provided.” Loop systems are therefore becoming commonplace not only everywhere there are PA systems, but also in specially marked grocery store checkout lanes, bank teller stations, and drive-up windows. As a hard of hearing person, I now have my family TV room looped—which effectively puts the TV speakers 1/8th inch from my eardrums, producing deliciously clear sound.

Do you find this half as exciting as I do? Would you like to learn more, including details of what it might cost you? If so, plan to join us at—and/or send your representative to—a community informational meeting on [date] at [time] at [location]. The meeting will provide information about financial and logistical assistance, including a presentation from [expert].

To assist our planning for the meeting, it would help us to know (via the enclosed reply card) if you and/or any others from your organization plan to attend.

With my thanks for your support of hard of hearing people in your [school, church, bank, etc.] and in the world beyond,


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