Holland-Zeeland Loop Initiative-Objectives and Strategies


To make Holland-Zeeland a model looped community

  • Facilitating and supporting churches, schools, and other nonprofit institutions in installing induction loop systems
  • Motivating and facilitating businesses to install loop systems
  • Informing individuals about home loop systems for home T.V. rooms
  • Motivating audiologists and hearing specialists to equip people with T-coils in their hearing aids.


  • Invitations about a community-wide informational meeting were sent to 102 churches, plus schools, courts, city venues (city halls, libraries), theaters, corporations, fast food restaurants, banquet facilities, banks, and retirement homes. (See sample letter.)
  • Two-page explanation of loop systems accompanying letters of invitation.
  • Letter and a follow-up letter to audiologists/hearing specialists.
  • Grant support to nonprofit organizations via Community Foundation, which is committed to funding $400 or 40 percent–whichever is greater.
  • Logistical support.
  • Introductory newspaper articles in the Holland Sentinel and The Grand Rapids Press; Follow-up articles announced grant support, with reminder of informational meeting.
  • Segment on local T.V. station.
  • Radio interviews on local morning talk shows.
  • Development of a loop system sign to indicate looped facilities.


To encourage other communities, regionally and nationally, to become looped

  • By becoming a successful demonstration model
  • By publicizing our implementation and results

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