Holland-Zeeland Loop Initiative-Logistical Support

The several manufacturers of induction loop systems included two which contacted us, Oval Window Audio, an American-manufactured product whose MicroLoop unit serves me wonderfully well in my home TV room (through wires that encircle the room in the ceiling of the basement below), and Ampetronic, a UK firm that is represented in the United States by Assistive Audio.

Ampetronic’s managing director, Leon Pieters, and Fred Palm, the owner of Assistive Audio, offered to come to Holland for an informational presentation at our community launch meeting, and to train our area’s largest audio services company (Premovation) to serve as its local authorized installer.

Without restricting institutions to these companies—our intent was to promote loop systems for the hard of hearing, not any particular businesses—we informed people that Premovation was prepared to evaluate and price their site and to install the equipment should they wish.

Nonprofit institutions would have part of their installation billed by Premovation to our Community Foundation (subject to certain limitations of time and venue—we weren’t prepared to cover every school classroom or church meeting room, for example). Businesses could know that the grant program’s success insured that more and more local people would, in the years to come, become equipped to use their installed loop systems in meeting rooms, counter windows, and drive-through order and banking stations.

In this way, we aimed to provide easy answers to the two most frequently asked questions: How can we get this? Where can we call?
How much will it cost us?