Holland-Zeeland Hearing Loop-Audiologists’ Reactions to Loop Initiative

Holland, Michigan, recently became an extensively looped community, with most major churches and public facilities now equipped to broadcase sound directly to hearing aids. Some local audiologists share their observations on the initiative.

[The Holland Loop Initiative] is having a profound influence on the people I see. Nearly everyone I’ve seen who uses the loop system has had favorable results.

James Welsh, MA, CCC-A, owner, Holland Hearing Center

In 2002, our audiologic practice delivered over 90 percent of all hearing aids with t-coils installed. Our patients benefit because the person speaking is broadcast directly to their ears. Our practice benefits from hugs, excited stories and tears of happiness. People are often referred for demonstration with the admonition, ‘You have to hear it!’ Never in my audiology career has something so simple helped so many people at so little cost.

Jerry Owens, MA, CCC-A, former owner, Lakeshore Hearing Centers, Holland, MI

Audio coils transform hearing aids into ‘personal communication systems,’ reducing the stigma of hearing loss and replacing it with successful and less stressful communication between patients and their families and friends. I am glad to be a part of an initiative that makes such a significant difference in someone’s ability not only to communicate, but to participate!

Karen Van Doorne, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, former owner, K. A. Van Doorne & Associates, Zeeland, MI