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Why are hearing loops needed?
Why are hearing loops the preferred assistive listening system?
What hearing aids can receive loop broadcasts?

What do loop systems cost? Who sells and installs them?

Do you have a sound demonstration?

Churches and cathedrals
Theaters, courts, and
Drive through stations,
ticket windows
Transient venues: Airports, train stations
Home TV rooms
Future venues: Offices, cars, phone enhancements





Holland-Zeeland Loop Initiative--Letters of Invitation

We sent invitation letters to:

  • Audiologists and hearing aid dispensers
    • These were the first letters sent to alert them to the initiative.
    • They were encouraged to include T-coils in future hearing aids sold, with expectation of their usefulness.
    • A follow-up letter two weeks before the informational meeting gave updated information on the letter campaign, the to-be-announced grants, the media publicity, and welcomed them to invite their patients.
  • Local churches
    • Each letter of invitation to our informational meeting was addressed personally to the pastor or priest of the church.
    • The letters included
      • a description of the induction system and its benefits
      • a promise of to-be-announced grant support.
    • Each letter included the article "Hearing the Word" by David Myers, published in the Church Herald.
    • After the meeting, each pastor or priest---whether having attended or not---received a follow-up letter summarizing the excellent response and giving specifics of grant support and installation.
  • Schools
    • The letters were addressed personally to the district superintendent of each district in the Holland-Zeeland area.
    • Copies of the letters were sent to every principal in every middle and high school in every district.
    • Copies of the letters were also sent to every special education teacher in every middle and high school in every district.
    • The letters explained the technology and highlighted the potential benefit to the visiting public and the students of the school system if used in a large auditorium.
    • A promise of to-be-announced grant support was included in the letter.
  • Retirement/nursing homes
    • The letters were addressed personally to each manager of all retirement/nursing homes in the Holland-Zeeland area.
    • The letters stressed the advantages of having the loop system in auditoriums and TV rooms.
    • A promise of to-be-announced grant support was included in the letter.
  • Banks and fast food restaurants
    • The letters were addressed personally to each manager of all the banks and fast food restaurants in the area.
    • The letters stressed the advantages of the hearing loop system in the drive-through stations at their businesses.
  • Grant seeking letters
    • Additional points to be made in soliciting grant funds from corporations, family foundations, or community foundation:
      • Cost-effective: will help increasing numbers of people (as more and more hard of hearing get T-coils) for modest cost per institution.
      • A one-time effort: Once it's done it's done; no follow-up or annual requests.
      • No organization is being created, no bureaucracy, no staff overhead--100 percent of monies go toward equipment and installation.
      • Compared to those with impaired mobility of vision--who also have important needs--the hard of hearing are a larger, faster growing, and largely invisible minority.
  • Similar letters were sent to
    • courtrooms
    • theaters
    • banquet facilities
    • libraries
    • major corporations (that had large meeting rooms with PA systems)
    • city halls
All of the letters included a two-page essay describing the induction loop system and requested that an enclosed pre-paid reply card be returned stating whether their organization would be attending the meeting and how many representatives would be coming.

Sample invitation letter.

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